Hypertension meaning in hindi.

And which will slow down the absorption of hypertension meaning in hindi sa diet natin. And for that to happen kailangan may commitment 'yong pay to really monitor. So hindi lang 'yan puwede sabihin na okay na 'ko then you really have to have everything.

And for that to happen kailangan may commitment 'yong to really monitoring. So hindi lang 'yan puwede sabihin na okay na ko. You really have anything good evening everyone good evening Bim and go ka a magas vérnyomás elleni táplálkozás megelőzése kabayans ah I'm Doctor Raymond Escalona ay ako po 'yong legnépszerűbb vérnyomáscsökkentő video so this is the very first episode of our ask doctor kabayan program uhm before the before we can begin the segment 'no I'd like to introduce what the programs all about ah last year after our successful episode of uhm the first ask Doctor kabayan episode that wasn't assure yet 'no.

We we came together together with the Bim and go team and we said na it seems like kailangan ng health ng mga kabayan. Marami silang health questions so ah it took us a better part of the this year it's been six months since trying to create this program and now we're here we're here to answer your questions about health so you can send in your questions every week and we have a ah forty five minute to one hour show just to talk about different health topics po.

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Ah I'm Doctor Reymill Escalona. Just to give your background po ay graduated from Ateneo School of Medicine public health. I'm an emdy and i did further training sa San Diego California po.

Uhm with the subspecialty practice of functional medicine.

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Ah as you may have ing do'n sa preventions ko ay ma-medical detective I look for and ah most of my patience are the ones po na sobrang hirap na gamotin and ako po 'yong naghahanap ng mga dahilan kung bakit sila may sakit and we're trying to solve 'yong 'yong sakit nila from the root cause. Uhm with that po later on will be joined by Doctor Rona Ong uhm she's also a function medicine practitioner and doctor uh shall be joining us in the Q and A segment for today's uh session.

And with that.

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Uh our first episode today is all about hypertension. So, high blood. No, we'll we'll have this short segment. We'll show us a few pictures for explaining high blood pressure trying to compare it. Um then we'll go into about a high blood and then examples on how to work through high blood from both medication side or a lifestyle side and then four questions sent in by our um other men go uh partners and uh that they said in the question but high blood.

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So we'll answer that input later. So, uh pong lahat. Before we start 'yong topic for the day we'd like to share with you lang po 'no? And the beam and go site. Mayro'n tayong nag nagawang bagsak presyo on the fruits and vegetables na binebenta do'n. Ah last year po. Doctor Rona and I created 'yong mga doctor recommended bundles to work with people.

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Para 'yon 'yong kakainin ng mga taong may high blood, may diabetes na ah super daming veggies siya. Lahat no'ng veggies do'n are much to ah support. So you have there the anti-dibetic anti-Hypertensive soup, may smoothy, mayro'n tayong anti-dibetic anti-hypertensive fried rice na puwede n'yong isangag sa kanin na sobra and then mayro'n 'yong food is medicine bundle, so uhm if you were buying this before po ah ngayon lang I think nagbagsak 'yong price kasi we'll with a great work of the BM and go team and from the Miani team as well 'yong suppliers natin for that so how do we order?

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Uhm please log on to the to your account on BM and go and then you can go under the online palengke category hipertóniát szedhetek your desired uhm recommended bundle test n'yo lang siya see how you like it and then you can pay your local currency.

Ah order cut-off is between Thursday every Thursday sorry ah nine AM delivery delivery in Metro Manila every Saturday so it's a Metro Manila product lang po ah at this point but hopefully we can get it around the country kasi marami pong matutulungan no'ng product set na 'yan eh so hypertension meaning in hindi without further ado punta na tayo do'n sa main topic for the day hypertension.

Uhm, so we'll bring mennyi a normális vérnyomás érték po 'yong slide photo natin dito and I believe sa streamyard sir na ayan. So Nan hassle na po do'n sa sideline. So high blood pressure. Uhm very simple lang po ang pag-explain dito. So isipin n'yo po na 'yong katawan n'yo ay parang isang bahay.

So bahay kayo mayro'n kayong planning. Obvious din sa picture may plumbing tayo. Mm mm. Do'n sa lower left chance side. Sa buong katawan natin 'yong main pump is 'yong puso natin the heart is the main pump ng lahat ng fluid sa buong katawan natin.

During his final days, Bahadoor suffered various health ailments, like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Utolsó napjaiban Bahadoor különféle egészségügyi betegségeket szenvedett, például cukorbetegséget, magas vérnyomást és magas koleszterinszintet. Copy Report an error A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk factors associated with AF, such as obesity, hypertension, or diabetes mellitus. A mozgásszegény életmód növeli az AF-hez kapcsolódó kockázati tényezőket, mint például az elhízás, a magas vérnyomás vagy a diabetes mellitus.

And so natural po na nagkakaro'n ng daloy ng dugo o ng fluid cross the pipes 'yong mga ugat natin pupunta 'yan sa different organs natin. Sa brain natin, pupunta sa lungs, pupunta sa stomach, bagsak kidney at iba't-ibang organs sa muscle sa fats sa liver sa kidney.

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Lahat na po ng organs natin. So anong nangyayari pag nagkaka-high blood pressure 'yong isang tao? Well mostly po ang nakikita natin from the new research and science 'no? Kaya tawag sa kaniya high blood pressure altapresyon. Um isa pa pong example dito kung mayro'n kung nagdilig na po kayo before sa lahat tayo nagdinig na siguro kung mayro'n kayong host sa bahay 'di ba po hose pag pina-seal niya 'yong dulo lalakas 'yong daloy no'ng tubig sa dulo hypertension meaning in hindi hose.

Same concept po. Pag lumakas 'yong daloy ng tubig do'n sa mga ugat-ugat natin 'yon po 'yong pagtaas ng blood pressure natin. Kung kaya't ang paraan kung paano natin to nalalaman is 'yong blood pressure machine may cough tayo sa kamay hypertension meaning in hindi ang kinukuha talaga no'ng cough.

So basically po 'yong kung 'yong pressure natin sa katawan ay tumaas at tumaas hypertension meaning in hindi tumaas ah parang bahay 'no pag tumaas pag sobrang tumaas 'yong pressure do'n hypertension meaning in hindi tubig na mga pump na mga pipe natin sa bahay puwedeng pumutok 'yong pipe. So if pumutok po 'yong pipe so 'yong kunwari ugat natin mataas 'yong pressure do'n pumutok 'yong 'yong ano do'n.

Ugat do'n ah 'yon po 'yong tinatawag natin na stroke. Pag 'yong sa puso po pumutok 'yong ugat dito 'yon po 'yong tinatawag natin na naatake sa puso. Puwede rin po mangyari 'yon sa ah kidneys natin puwede sa tiyan actually sa lahat ng parte ng katawan puwede po 'yong mangyari at 'yon po 'yong mga sinasabing naatake nga na atake 'yong 'yong 'yong ano pasyente po 'yong tao dahil tumaas 'yong blood pressure niya so punta naman tayo do'n sa mga dahilan kung bakit tumataas ang blood pressure ah ito pong larawan na 'to ng picture natin in front of us maraming basura so mostly po uhm ang blood natin is composed lang dapat of blood blood cells 'no 'yong pula at 'yong tubig na kasama no'n 'tsaka white god cells.

Sometimes though as we goes through life po no'ng kakain tayo ng pagkain. Ah mayro'n tayong mga lotion na inilagay sa balat natin.

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Mayro'n tayong mga ma-i-inhale na pollution. Nagkakaroon po ng basura ang ating mga ugat.

  • Pero ang mas nakakabahala naging karaniwan na rin daw ito sa mga kabataan na edad dose hanggang disi-otso lalo na ngayong pandemya.
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So 'yong basura na 'yan can be in the form of 'yong mga food na sobra. Let's say kumain ka ng sobrang daming donuts. Maraming sugar 'yon. Kumain kang sobrang daming process food. Maraming additives oh coloring 'yon o preservatives kumain po kayo ng sobrang daming karne, maraming mga meat na toxins 'yon.

Sa DCGB always number one para mabawasan ang paglabas sa ating mga tahanan especially ngayon na tayo ay nasa gitna pa rin ng pandemya at patuloy pa din tayong nakakatala ng mga kaso ng covid-nineteen dito sa ating Rehiyon.

Um and normally po ang alam natin from Science rin is pag kumain tayo ng mga fruits and vegis o 'yong mga gulay at prutas natin na sariwa ito po 'yong puwedeng dumikit do'n sa mga toxins o 'yong mga garbage at kayang ilabas from the best seg.

So ultimately po uhm high blood pressure then comes to a molecular undershin.

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At dahil do'n kumikipot at nagbabara naging malapot 'yong dugo natin and dahil malapot 'yong dugo kailangan mag-pump ng malakas 'yong puso.

Therefore tumataas 'yong blood pressure. Uhm with that po ang key ways din to start to reduce blood pressure puwedeng medicines of course 'yong mga medicines natin will start to slow down the heart. Para mas maraming dugong puwedeng dumalay do'n. Or uhm puwede kang paihiin.

Ito 'yong mga diuretics na tawag natin.

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So ah babawasan niya 'yong tubig no'ng ugat natin para umihi ka ng umihi. From a lifestyle standpoint po oh functions standpoint. Mayro'n din tayong mga puwedeng gawin.

First of all if you eat nga 'yong food natin na superhealty. Fruits and vegis. Kung mayro'n po tayong plato half or more than half no'ng plato or the fruits and vegis.

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Naku 'yon didikit-dikit 'yong mga component diyan sa mga basura sa dugo and then kaya mong i-clear out. Number two we we know very wedtong and sa research na 'yong additives and preservatives ng mga processed food fast food na kuya ng nag-i-increase talaga ng toxin load. Kung kaya't 'pag kayo po'y na-e-expose diyan almost everyday or most of the days uhm I'd like to suggest lang na you have some form of way na nag-cle-clear ng toxins whether to exercise and 'yong next point natin diyan whether through uhm good high five so dapat nagdudumi tayo araw-araw or ah maganda hydrate.

Um if we have good sleep, some blood pressure, blood pressure until the day sleep. So, five or ten points every time. At pagnagsikip 'yong mga ugat malakas na 'yong pressure. Parang pini-seal mo nga 'yong dulo ng host. Kasi tumataas 'yong pressure.

Hypertension Lecture in Hindi - High Blood Pressure [ Nursing Lecture MSN - 1 ]

Ah mm. If you smoke you drink your exposed to pollution that will increase blood pressure as well. Uhm we've seen it po in patients na mga nag-sho-smoke.

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Mga patients na nakatira sa mga polted areas. Ah mas matataas talaga po 'yong mga baseline blood pressure ng mga taong 'yan. And finally po. Ah mm one common thing that can increase blood pressure are infections. Mga nagtatagong infection. Ah alam n'yo po mayro'n akong pasyente noon ah mayro'n po siyang malaking infection sa ngipin. Merth canal nila 'yong ngipin. And dahil po pag nag-growth ka na lang kayo pinapatay n'yo 'yong ugat wala na kayong mararamdaman na sakit do'n pag pag namamaga siya édességek és magas vérnyomás napapasukan ng dumi.

At in csuklós vérnyomásmérő helyes használata years po hindi ginamot. And nangyari po. Tumaas na. Nag-manifest po 'yong pamamaga um hindi lang 'yong buong panga niya namaga.

Ah during that period. So ah Recap po of Blood Pressure again ah ito po 'yong daloy ng dugo sa loob ng katawan natin ang main pump natin 'yong heart and 'yong heart ang key kasi 'yong heart kapag ah Mas pag madikit 'yong dugo natin mas malakas 'yong pag-pump niya.

Therefore increasing the blood pressure. But then we did look into 'yong ways po on how to reduce 'yong blood pressure natin.

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Hm mm. Ah if you have questions po with with regard to blood pressure you can always tight it in the chat box but for example let's go into some other questions 'no?

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So ano po 'yong first question natin dito was ah magbigay ng mga example ng mga hypertension meaning in hindi Ito first question deep I think man ah may dalawa pa ako dito before 'yan okay? I-post mo na thank you hypertension meaning in hindi ah magbigay ng mga example hypertension meaning in hindi mga dahilan bakit nagkakaroon ng blood pressure na puntahan na po natin 'yan do'n na lang sa aagapan we spoke about 'yong aagapan 'no so mayro'n tayong lifestyle medications act at kailangan nag-de-detox 'yong exercise 'yong suwerteng skin um with that po siguro let's take a short break ah two minute break will get doc Rona on the line and will start going through 'yong mga questions hypertension meaning in hindi ng ating mga listeners so with that I hope na natuto kayo do'n sa topic for the day natin na blood pres none?

And for that to happen kailangan may commitment din kayo to really monitor. So hindi lang 'yan puwede sabihin na okay na ako then you really have to have everything okay uhm with that I think Doc Rona is on the line before we go do'n sa mga questions natin from our kabayans magas vérnyomás kezelés új we'd like to remind everyone na ah part of this program again was to introduce all of you to this new show called ask doctor kabayan um hosted hosted by asked through the beam and go portal and team so be me and go super thank you me and docrona are very very excited and happy to be hosting the show and uhm bagsak presyo na lahat ng magas vérnyomás pulzus lebontása recommended bundles.

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I don't know if you've noticed where you can get some of these super healthy product sets that and I worked on last year. So, with that uh Doc, are you on the line and ready to answer some questions? Hi everyone good evening hi Doc Ronald good evening and good evening everyone alright ah Doc Rona let's let's go do'n sa first question natin 'no uhm if you ready I'd like to someone would like to us bakit kaya madalas mamanhid ang kamay at daliri ko is that related to high blood pressure dokrona or ah totally different issue ba 'yon uhm to for our listeners?

So that's one possible cause so there are certain positions. For example kung nag-ta-type ka palagi or uhm if you're a lot of this work and your your um just justn at a certain position that can cause that. But another possible cause also is uhm vitamin deficiencies.

  • Once again, a very good evening to all our listeners and of course, who's watching us on Facebook and YouTube.
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Especially if sa tips ng fingers mo 'yong nararamdaman 'yong pagmamanhid. Uhm it can be ah vitamin B twelve deficiency or ag another be vitamin deficiency that good cause that uhm and lastly another cause also actually not really related to hypertension but more of diabetes 'no uhm one of the uhm complications a hipertóniára adott csoport diabe is poor 'yong blood flow to your nerves and to the uhm 'yon uh the smaller arteries that you have in your hypertension meaning in hindi ay naba-blocked din siya because of the excess sugar and that's what can cause yung numbers or pagmamanhid sa fingers so I would recommend go see you doctor kasi maraming possible causes of recap i think the crown cut kayo ng kaunti pero will recap 'yong answer no'n for all those na nakikinig online uhm sabi ni Doc Rona 'no maraming causes of pagmamanhid ng daliri uhm it could be from nutrient status puwedeng may diabetes ah puwede rin po 'yong naipit 'yong blood flow I think Doc Rona tama ba?

Ah kung 'yong nakaupo tayo ng matagal sa banyo 'di ba minsan namamanhid 'yong dulo ng mga paa natin after naku ka sa CR ng mga twenty o thirty minutes uhm 'yon siguro blood flow related 'no? I think na ano lang si Hypertension meaning in hindi Ron na-cut na. Then 'yong Doc Rona. I am I'm here agree so mayro'n talagang certain positions kaya important like what uh doctrines was in kanina na uh you know important to exercise you uhm move uh from time to time avoid being hypertension meaning in hindi or being just in a single position for prolone periods of time para maiwasan din 'yong uhm lack of blood flow so 'yong blood flow talaga so same lang Doc Rona do'n sa kung iko-connect natin do'n sa explanation ng high blood pressure uhm very related siya do'n sa bahay 'di ba nagbabara-bara 'yong mga ugat from from garbage toxins 'di ba 'yong na-discuss natin kanina so mostly Doctrona 'yong pagmamanhid um combining lang 'yong explanation do'n sa kanina do'n sa una kong idiniscuss 'yong sa 'yo ah mayro'n blockage sa flow ah whether 'yong blackage natin is from toxins blackage from food, 'yong mga coloring additive, 'yong mga sugar, ah sobra sa fats and so do'n puwedeng magkaroon ng pagmamanhid ah so um moving on the crana.

Let's move to the next question po. Ah number two question ng isang listener natin.

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Ah I think si none can show it posible ba na dahil hypertensive ako kaya madalas akong mag-heart burn Okay. So siyempre ang maiisip agad natin kapag hypertensive dahil nga do'n sa drawing nga na pinakita ni doc.

Raymond 'di ba may update? Uhm hypertension involves the heart. Um but heart burn. And heart for new sa kaniya. It does not involve your heart. So hard burn is more of uhm acid from your stop luxxe or tumataas from your stomach two year of agos or 'yong daanan ng pagkain from your mouth to your stomach.

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